quarta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2008



Maybe i need forget you
I Can´t Broken-me again
I can´t, no more
This pain, this tears
Falling in the dark one

My soul cry
I don´t leave this feelings
I don´t leave my faith
No More

Because your eyes, your smile
Always Burns on my blood
Live deeply on me
The sun in my life
The Love sun

But i need survive, girl
Walking alone in a night
Blowing in the silence
My material side Trying no believe

Searching a way, a escape
But you live on me
Your happyness, your soul
Hurt-me so much your absence
Hurt-me so much your distance

Maybe i survive without you
To live no, deeply i know
My heart say-me that
My soul don´t will to shine

Without a touch of your hand
Everything is so empty, no color
Like a gray and cold sunset
Suffocating my dreams
Suffocating my sublime hopes

Dreams, infinite dreams
Of a blue night, no clouds
With you look reflecting-me
Our love reflecting a true Light

In a perpetual one kiss
One life, one soul, one destiny
The true road of the light
May be one day
This LOVE occurs...

Jesus is Love...
Jah Guide!

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